For Students

The Department of Computational Physics and Information Technologies (DFCTI) welcomes Bachelor, Master and PhD students to a wide variety of research activities going from summer internships and short-term research stages for diploma theses to long-term PhD research programs. Interested students are advised to contact directly the researchers with whom they would like to work.

Teaching materials:

Introduction to Bose-Einstein condensation [in Romanian, for graduate students], Alexandru NICOLIN and Mihaela Carina RAPORTARU, West University of Timisoara Publishing House, ISBN 978-973-125-379-4, electronic version available here.

MATLAB and MATHEMATICA for Scientific Computing, Alexandru I. NICOLIN and Mihaela Carina RAPORTARU, available here.

Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations [in Romanian], Alexandru I. Nicolin, available here.


Acid sensing ion channel (ASIC1) in a DPPC lipid bilayer (50A cutoff)


Spin density in graphene - BN structure with Co impurity substituted on boron


Parametric destabilisation of a Bose - Einstein condensate